Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another block done !

Well I have finished another  of my blocks in the fqsqal from . I am doing 2 quilts so this one is for 'chey's quilt.   He loves penguins so i hope he will like this block.  Now I just have to do  my other block and the next 2 current blocks are also up now so I better get my "a into g" or i will be behind before i know it.  The next block is an easy one ...not so many pieces  in it...yay!   57 pieces in the last one...lots of pieces!
I have also posted off my SSCS  Swap parcel for 2011. will post pics a bit later on of course, (it's a secret)

My fiesta star block 4- chey's quilt

Whoops!   Who is this then   ? ? ? ?

  A new critter has come to live with us.  With a face like that how can you say no!..... She is is so cuuute!

chippy and conor asleep in his bed!


  1. Gorgeous photos Sue; I like what you did with the block centre - a great idea. New little Chippy looks like a darling, I can see her getting into mischief already, chewing on the basket! Love your header photo!!

  2. Too cute!
    Chippy is a lovely wee boy.