Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"No baby yet".

Well we are still waiting for Amber's and cory's baby to arrive.  She is overdue by a week now so they have induced her this morning and I have been informed that she is now about halfway!  She 's going ok ...not too much pain at the moment but wishes it was over!   Maybe later tonight or the small wee hours we hope!  Hurry up Decklan,  that's his name as we know it's a boy.!  Keep you posted when the big event's exciting for both of them and all of us!  I will post a pic when I get one...soon i hope!

edit;  Well Declan has arrived  on the 2 / 11 / 2011  at  all safe and well !  finnally !!..... he kept everyone waiting!!  pics are comming soon as!

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