Sunday, February 26, 2012

"These will make a yummy breakfast:!

the small one is about a size 6.

I got some more huge  eggs this week.  The one on the left-middle,  is a normal everday egg but the other 3 are extra big!  I usually only get one of these big ones every week and a half .....but this week "the girls'  decided to step up the pace a little and have layed 3 this week.  I weigh them when one arrives and the heaviest is 102grams, then 98grams  then 94grams. not bad ah and they are all double yolkers.   They will make a yummy breakfast too.

I haven't  done any sewing of blocks this week but have made about 12 of the blouses I have to get done  some time this week. They are a silk mix and go together really well.  I haven't done a single stitch in the crochet department either but when I finish the blouses I usually get a small break between jobs  so will try and fit some in.

Here is Declan now just over 3 months old...isn;t he a cutie!!  He has a new t-shirt...looks like he is 'Holden ' fan.....not in this house it's "Fords"
"Am I cute or what "  ?

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