Sunday, February 05, 2012

Some blue sky....just for a change.

My oldest son.Gene is always trying to get some nice sunset shots but yesterday he saw these unusual shapes in the clouds. And one lovely sunset.

some unusual cloud formations

more clouds

a sunset from our deck

the sun going down towards piha beach.
my book shelf  and patterns

binding headbands

my plain sewer
set up the binder attachment
I got my industrial machine back yesterday. It took a good couple of hours to move everything around again as I put the domestic machine away,(it's just sitting on another small sewing table) to make room for the plain sewer, they have a good size table and a nice flat  area to sew on. It an old one but a fairly tidy one . It is a bit slower than my other one but perfect for doing patchwork on which is why I wanted to swap it around.....I never knew I had so much crap!  rubbish in one very small area!!  At the moment I have it set up with a binder attachment so I can bind some of my other outwork I do. It is going great  and fairly fast to do.  I have sorted my book shelf but still have to tidy the one above and the one above that,  but I am working on it slowly.  I don't have a design wall as yet as it is too small for one with no decent wall big enough but i am thinking on how to do a small one in the next room for smaller things like wall hangings and blocks  and the like.  Now I'm off to do binding....only about 80 headbands to do.!...

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