Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well we managed to go between showers of rain, up to my neighbors place, glyniss is her name, go and the see the little pig we saw on the rd the other day. there is a little about it in the last post. His name is 'stanley'. Oh he is so cute!! I got a few pics of him,(quite afew actually...35). He loves to have his tummy scratched as you can see in the pic he is leaning on me and i am holding him up!! he is so fat as to when he arrived only about 4 or 5 days ago. He runs around the section, has free run, doesn't try to leave as there is plenty of food. He visits the 2 B I G girls (they are about 8-9 years old now , i will try and get a nice pic of them when the sun is out,) down the other paddock, is not even wary of dogs which makes us think maybe he was dumped!! Not sure exactly what they will do with him. he trots in the house sometimes but mainly enjoys being outside where he belongs. If only he would stay this size!!

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