Saturday, September 12, 2009


I nearly forgot I had these as they just sit around in the container and look like nothing till they sprout some leaves. Then I saw the leaves and remembered. These are my gound orchids, peonies is the other name I think. My mum is a good gardener so she gave me them as she didn't really like where she had them and the cats were starting to sit on them. I must get them nice new container but won't repot till they die down . Don't you think they are beautiful? so delicate. I will try and get a beter pic of when more of them are out flowering. We are babysitting the dogs boyfreind tonight! What a joy that will be. . . . .not! Here is patch modeling his coat i made him, He has reflector tape on this one so he can be seen if on the rd at night. isn't he cute! He also has a pinstripe coat and does look so handsome.

Earlier in the week on the way to school we found a young pig! he was standing on the walking track and didn't even run away when we approached in the truck. So i looked around just incase mother pig was nearby, she was nowhere to be seen so i tried to catch him but he was too quick as i didn't want to get dirty, so i rang my neighbor to see if he wanted to try. he ate my morning tea and was not that shy really, but he could squeal !! i nearly got him by the tail!! He kept comming back for more food but i had to go and get the boys to school, but my neighbor , russell went up the rd and caught him!. He has 2 other B I G girls as pets, I will try and get a pic and post it but today is raining again!! so we will see. i will keep you posted on the piggy, he is so cute!!

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