Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Well over the weekend i managed to finish my second stable bag. I started this ages ago and forgot about it till i had to wash my other one . I didn't put piping around the body gussett this time as i couldn't find the right brown i wanted to use so went for this old gold colour cord. It will do. This one is real good colour to hide the dirt as they do get grubby when you use them alot. I put a few exra pockets in this one also. They are fairly quick to make too.....once you know what you are doing! And they hold a ton of junk too!! here is a couple of pics of my new bag.


  1. What an awesome bag Susan, great for carrying sooooo much junk - you've given me an idea, I need to make one.
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. Susan, what a fabulous bag. Gosh they are a definite must of having more than one in the wardrobe. What a great size.
    hugs Deb

  3. The bag looks fantastic!

  4. Hmmmm Nice purse in that bag .! I think I have made about 8 of them now.!

  5. I like the purse in the bag yes a good dirt colour I need to make another one for me hayley took my lasdt one and used it till it fell apart she is on her 3rd one now.

  6. Anonymous2.4.10

    Where is the pattern available, would love to make one.

  7. I have that pattern too... somewhere.. can't remember where I put it... LOL Took me ages to be able to buy one too... so hard to track down...

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