Saturday, February 06, 2010


well my chickens should have hatched the other day but only one survived! There were only 3 that were fertile. The mother hen smashed 4 with her bug clumsy feet! we started with 12.
I JUST HOPE IT IS A GIRL ! it is a soft golden tanny colour, very cute and soft here she is.this is not very true to colour at all. I might try for a better pic tommorow if the sun is out again.

And here she is just popping out of the shell a few hours earlier. You can see her beak just poking out. I just had to go and look and not wait till the afternoon . She actally has a dark stripe down the centre of the head but not much other colour.


  1. Get yourself a bantom hen to sit on your eggs, they make great mums and if she's real broody she'll sit on heaps of eggs, meanwhile the others carry on laying.

  2. aww so cute..shame they grow up and have beady eyes-truly I must of been terrorised by a chook/hen in a previous life caus ereal ones scare the dickens out of me..yet I fill my house with many ornaments and stuffs of chooks/hens/roosters,cheers Vickie