Monday, February 01, 2010


Yestersday I made up some mustard pickle. I have never made that sort before so was wanting to try it. It turned out pretty good, tasted good too. Had some on cheese and crackers in the afternoon. I have a really old reciepe from a nice old lady who use to live up the rd, but sadly she died quite a few years ago, her name was shelia Green. We knew her son , JOHN GREEN. He was a well know potter, he made all these whimsical creations, all one off's and out of his head, sadly he too is dead, he had a massive heartattck a couple of years ago. We have alot of his stuff that we have bought over the years. Some are a bit too rude to mention LOL! ( you need to have an open mind) Really miss them both.
Some how when i was driving home the other day i picked up a boy up the rd (a rooster) I don't know what made me do it!! We now have a rooster for the girls, he is pretty, crows at 7'oclock in the morning. Someone dumped him, he would have died he was so thin!! He was litterally skin stretched over a skeleton!! very dehydrated too. He seems quite happy now getting plenty to eat and 14 fat girls to keep in line! ha! ha! He will hopefully earn his keep later on when he is back in condition!!!! I will try and get a pik on phone... when i figure how to make pic larger. someone tutued with it .....i'm not very good at figuring these things out, they take me a while. nevermind i will try.
I have been stitching my 'shabby roses' blocks still just got 1 block then the label to do.


  1. Yum, cheese, crackers and mustard pickle is my standard lunch snack. Good on you for rescuing the rooster, better give him some vitamins cause those girls will really wear him out (LOL).

  2. yes, your probably right about mr rooster, He will be earning his keep!!