Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a quiet christmas. We didn't have to rush off to anyones place on xmas day, we stayed home and the boys opened there prezzys and tried out all their new gadgets. We layzed around and ate and drank and ate some more on this and that then i cooked our xmas dinner in the evening instead of the middle of the day. It was hot and i didn't want to cook so i didn't till later. I dida big chicken all stuffed with all the trimmings and a turkey roll which was really tasty and there is no waste on them , all meat. We were so full we didn't bother with dessert which was xmas pudding...it's still in the pantry! It was a good day.
On boxingday i packed up the truck and the boys and i went to my mums place. We had another xmas dinner she cooked and ate to much again. So today we are taking it easy food wise.
It has been so hot and muggy with it but today it is raining a bit but still muggy. The gardens need a drink and are getting it now.
Santa never bought me a new camera unfortunately s, so no pics.
While i'm at mums I am hoping to make some progress on my african flower afghan as i have't touched it for 2 weeks! Today is the first day i haven't felt tired as i've had quite a few late nights with work and christmas shopping and other stuff so finnally i can relax and not think of getting up for work for a couple of weeks, yay!! I hope everyone has a great break and holiday.

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