Saturday, December 11, 2010

joined rows

joined rows
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A little bit of progress!

Well I made a wee bit of progress on my throw. The pic is not a good one as it was done in hurry as i was using it to see how it will look. The camera is great for that as you can flik from one pic to another and view it really quickly and see what 'pops' out at you.
I have been joining the rows end to end so far with white yarn and then i will join them with the lime green all the length along and do some sort of edging all around ,probably with a a zig-zag border not a straight one.
My next crochet project will be to try out the bauble decorations on blog, as she has put up a great tutorial . I should be trying to get some more of my candied hexys done but there is no show of that happening just yet as work is keeping me busy!
My little kitty , 'ozzy', has not come home and we haven't been able to find him, his brother,'hurly' is missing him and us too...I keep hoping i will see him looking in the window as he use to do when i am on the computer writing on my blog.

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