Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"What will this be" ??

I  got the urge to make some of these.........Yep you guessed it...a sock monkey!

Must of been those socks I am knitting and all the stipes.....
I might make a few as I got a 5 pack of socks nd then found this pair under all my clutter!  Nice and  spotty!  That will make a cute monkey maybe for a boy . The others are girlie colours...If they don't become sock monkeys I might just wear them lol !
Iam nearly finished the  first sock , I am up to the toe but I need to concentrate so when no one is around to bother and interupt me I will do it.  It has a few wee mistakes(dropped stitches) but who is going to see them in my shoes ah?   I will post when  the sock is done.  oh an the sock monkeys too.
monkey is started
five pairs of  socks ready to go!
One fat lazy couch potatoe of a dog!...and in my chair too!

1 comment:

  1. I saw a sock monkey recently - oh so cute - and your's looks like it will be very cute too. Our pets take over our house too!