Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Hello everyone"

Well I have finished miss sock monkey.  Didn't take long at all. I did the sewing one night when i had a hour spare between doing the dinner and other things. Then a few nights later I finished it. It was just a matter of stuffing and sewing on the arms and tail and doing the face.  Very easy and turned out quite well.

miss sock monkey

I sewed all seams twice for strength as you know how rough kids can be!  Now to do a couple more.
charms for the blanket infusion cal
I have decided on my charm pack for the blanket fusion cal and these are the ones I will use ..'.dragonfly summer ' by Holly Taylor.  I like these colours. Purples and green and browns and tan and some creams.  I was going to use a pack of 'spirit'  but decided on this. so I will keep posting my progress.  That will be slow probably at first but once I get into it I might surprise my self and keep going...I hope so. (sorry this is a bit dark .took it at night)

Now I must get something out the freezer for dinner . Got the fire on because it's a wee bit chilly today.


  1. Love your sock monkey!! Full of character! Your fabrics for your fusion blanket look great too - will your wool be similar colours?

  2. Great job! Your sock monkey is adorable. :)