Saturday, August 04, 2012

My fusion blanket

I have started my fusion blanket . A couple of nights ago I stitched my charms about 11pm!  I turned them out the next night while watching the olyimpics.  I am using 2 packs of the same so it will be reversible . My charms are by Holly Taylor- "Dragonfly Summer''.
I'm blanket stitching around each square with a chocolate cotton  4ply and then crochet around with a mushroom/tan colour. I'm not sure  weather to do a rectangle shape or square shape.  I have more of the same charms so I can always add a few rows if I need too.
It's a very portable project too once you have stitched your charms together. I was going to crochet around and not do the blanket stitching but it is a bit hard to push a hook through the layers of fabric . I have a hand punch that makes a wee hole first but that is hard on your hands after a while so blanket stitch is what i will do after all.

You can check out the progress of everyone in the Flickr Group here.  There are all lovely.  If you want to se the original blanket go here or for the CAL instuctions go here .

the pile is growing.

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