Saturday, October 01, 2011

My new crochet project.

Well I have already started my next crochet project....another blanket for next winter. I think I will definitely get this blanket finished by next winter as there is no joining required, so making it much quicker.  I have undone a few rows as I was watching our team "the warriors" playing rugby league last week and not really concentrating was so exciting!!   yer we won and now I can't wait to see the outcome this week for all 3 teams as they are all in the grand finals!  So go "the mighty warriors" (as the mad butcher would say).

my ripple blanket.
The other day when I went to feed my 'girls' ,I found no eggs, not one to be seen!  Usually there is about 4 or 5 on average.....I was cleaning out there trays banging a bit and next thing one chook shot out from under the chook house...Aha! ,.I found there ' hidy hole' and...... 15 eggs !  I took them away and thought that will upset them and  they would lay them in there nest boxes but no ....they decided that a nest between the pongas and bush ferns would be a better spot,  so now that is where they are laying there eggs each day.  It is much easier than having to forage around underneath the  dirty old chook house in the dirt.

15 eggs from the chooks hidy hole
We have  also been cleaning  Shirley's apartment out...done about half i's a big job to pack up a person's lifetime possessions ...lots of little things with sentimental value and little memories of how  they came to be there. The glass in one of her  wedding photo's got broken...we will get that fixed  when we get this other old pic of her as a baby restored too. It is a beautiful old picture.  The picture really looks a lot like my oldest son, Gene.  He was about the same age (18 months approx)  We need to get a few copies of it but will have to send it to a professional I think as the glass is rounded ,not smooth and flat as normal ones and it is dirty on the inside. I took a pic but you can see the dirt and dust on the inside.   I have never seen this photo before as it was tucked away safely in the wardrobe as the hanger had broken I think.

Shirley's baby photo 
I have been doing some stitching on my Henrietta Whiskers blocks but will save that for next time.                                                                      

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  1. Your ripple afghan looks so bright and cozy! I've always liked the way ripple blankets look. :) Your eggs look wonderful, too.