Thursday, September 29, 2011

African flower hexagon blanket. finished

Taa-dah !.... My African Flower Blanket is finally finished!!
African flower hexagon blanket. finished 015
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Taa-Daa ! I have finally finished my african flower has taken me about a year to get this completed . I stopped pretty much in the summer as i found it to hot and sticky to crochet it was put aside for a while. I am so glad to have it finished! When I first started this I never knew how to do the join-as you-go method for connecting the hexys ...but now I have mastered it thanks to attic24 blog (lucy) She has a really good tutorial on her blog and i made a cushion cover to learn how to do this. On this blanket it joined with single crochet ,throughout which went quite quickly as to sewing them . I still feel like making something else with this pattern everytime I check the flickr group for these...They are really addictive things! I still have a few extras over so might have to make them into something ...??  Maybe a bag for my crochet...hmmmm....


  1. Well done Susan - this is beautiful!!

  2. You did a wonderful job! The blanket is absolutely beautiful!