Saturday, October 22, 2011

"It is growing slowly".

We are waiting for the arrival of my nephew's ist's a boy! It is due today saturday....I will keep you posted when the big event happens.

I have managed to get a few more rows finished on my ripple blanket. It is growing very  slowly.... Most nights i seem to get about 4 rows done ...that's if I don't make any mistakes and have to undo it.!  I hate undoing it when you find you have made a mistake when you are half way through the next row!!  It all has to come undone and it just feels like you are never going to see the end of that colour!   I have learnt to reconise how the stitch should look when you increase or decrease now, so I know if something isn't right. This blanket is just randomly picked colours just what takes my fancy at the time. I have quite away to go yet so will keep you posted as I progress...just got to remember to take a pic!  There are heaps on the flicker page of these blankets.  Lucy has started the group along with little tin bird.  So have a look and you might get inspired to if you like crochet.  It's abit addictive!

I have done a few more rows on my ripple blanket.
I got 2' huge' eggs again last week.  The first one weighed 94 gramms  the other weighed 102 gramms !  They are so tall I can't shut the egg box properly!  We ate one each with our dinner tonight...They were both double yolkers too!  very yummy!!  I will try and put a pic up.
the egg on the left is a normal size ...these others were both double yolkers!

This weekend is a long weekend too.  I am going to try and work on my sscs as time is counting down rather quickly. October is nearly gone!  I know exactly what I am going to make  so I just have to get my A into G and do it.
conor's chocolate log. 
My youngest son has just had his birthday and requested a chocolate log cake so we bought one unfilled and filled it with fresh was yummy!  I got told off because I put the wrong number of candles on....I forgot he turned 15 not 14 !!!  lol! (sorry the photo has loaded funny again) ??


  1. Your ripple blanket is looking really good - wish I had time to start another project!!Amazing sized eggs..they would have been yummy...I had a recipe that called for eggs weighing 60 grams... my smallest one was way too big (but I used it anyway).

  2. What a pretty blanket! Makes me think of a scrappy quilt with all those lovely colors! :0)