Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just for a change...

close up of the bee.
the bee is made up of bullion stitches close together.
I have been doing a little more work on the fusion blanket but felt like a change so I decided to make one of these.  It is a small retractable tape measure .  It is made using some wool fabric , then I drew up a design of little garden creatures and flowers, then I transferred the design to the wool that was a bit tricky to see so it is mainly just stitched free hand  and I just roughly followed what I had drawn and added some bees to the flowers . I haven't done any stitcheries for a couple of years i think as I have been teaching myself  to crochet   . The stitching is the fast part but sewing this up takes a bit longer .  When it is properly finished I show you it.  I have to  put the back piece on and join it carefully all around.  I like doing these. I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head too . I have started to draw them roughly  in my book so I don't forget about them so when I want to make some more I won't forget.  I want to do some bunnys!  I love doing cute! here are a few pics. (sorry that some of the pics are a bit dark).  Well that's all at the moment.  

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  1. Really nice Sue - a great idea. Love that bee!!