Monday, October 29, 2012

"I did a bit of sewing..

some marigolds
On the weekend I bought 2 grafted tomatoe plants and 3 normal plants to see how they go.  I don't usually have much luck with tomatoes so i haven't bothered with them for a few years now.  When I go on holiday to my mum's wayne has to look after the animals and everything else but is not really keen on gardening so if it rains a little he thinks it's alright not to water the plants .... so then they die...some men don't get it. (I know he will never read my blog  hee hee!)
grafted tomatoes
Houdini (on left) and another chook having a dust bath
other tomatoes (still have to weed this area)

 I got a new chook called "Houdini".  She kept escaping from her old owners chook run and she got fed up  with her as she eats all the I put my hand up and brought her home. My fence is nearly 6ft high so she shouldn't escape or so I thought...... She figured out how to get up on the wire fence and over she went into the neighbors paddock!  I went and caught her and locked her in the'broody cage' for the night.  When I went to feed the 'girls' the next morning she had layed me an egg so I let her out but expected her not to be home when I came home from work....but she was still there!  I'll have to see what she does tommorrow.....

a table runner pattern
tweezers and p.piecing  1/2"hexagons
1/2" hexagons to play with soon.
My friend Mandy  and her son jamie,came with me to a quilt display up at Kumeu in Auckland.  Grandmothers Garden take there big red van around the country all during the year selling there goodies. I saw a really nice clamshell bag i would like to make later on, I bought myself a cute pair of over locking tweezers with a lady painted on them, a small bundle of doggie prints , a couple of  cute  tape measures,  some 1/2 " hexagon papers to play with as I want to make a small purse. a pattern for a table runner with chickens on it. We had a good day out in the country and it only took about 15 mins to get there!  We saw quite a few strawberry gardens with shops ....tempting to stop but we will do that another time.
close up of the lady
some cute tapemeasures that came home with me.

cute doggie prints for the stash.

I never had time to sew as the weather was really sunny and nice to be inside. Sewing can wait for another day!

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  1. I'm with you, while the weather is lovely... it's good to be outside. I've got a lovely reason to be outside right now... letting my 6 puppies play on the grass. So cute.