Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I haven"t been here for a while."

Well I've not been here a while.  At the moment I have  a rotten cold and feel like crap, but just have to let it take it's course I guess.   I have just come back from visiting my mum for a week as it is school holidays till tomorrow.(yay).   I am pleased to say I have finished the poncho I started in June and have put roses around and added a fringe. I finished something! Sorry no pic yet . I must try to remember to take one when the weather is brighter as it is raining today .

This is my mum's dog Freddy, he is 17 years old, deaf and blind with age. not a great pic sorry . He might be gone next time I get to see her. He is crossed with a maltese and a poodle we think. Chippy  would pull him along by the fur....she couldn't figure out why he wouldn't play with her....poor old thing, just to old now.
Chip has grown but still a reasonably small size dog, has chewed so many  of my slippers up.....bad dog!!  She follows me everywhere...even the loo!!

freddy 17 years old.

the sun going down.

the sun nearly gone.

chip playing on the couch with her toy.
"Chip" (chippy) 10 months old now.
one sock so far
I had the bright idea to try and knit some socks....after a few dropped stitches I am on the way with one sock.  I have not knitted for about a year or so and the last thing I made was a banana in pjamas (a toy) . I have never used 4 knitting needles at once so it was a bit tricky at first but now I am getting the hang of it here is a pic so far .My tension is not great on the ribbing...i hate doing ribbing!  but the stocking stitch is ok....I will probably get the second sock looking much better as I go along but hey.."who is going to see them in my shoes".  Not to mention a few mistakes stuff ups along the way.  It might be the only pair I ever knit too.  I think I prefer this space .....

I am wanting to do the 'fushion blanket cal, with littlemissshabby soon. I am just deciding  how many charm  paks to do  and what yarn to use . will show my progress when there is some.
Bye Sue

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