Sunday, May 13, 2012

my little bird

I rescued this little baby bird quite a few months ago now and he has been living with us till today.  I decided today was the day to release him back to the bush.  One of my 5 cats actually went and robbed the nest and I heard it swarking and the cat dropped it . It didn't look hurt just scared so we looked after it by hand feeding it each day with the plan to release it when it could fend for itself....but after several tries the cat would catch it as it was not frightened of them at all as it would see them looking into the cage everyday.  and was really tame by now.  I think this bird has 9 lives !!  It got out last weekend and the cat caught it again and i went and rescued it yet again  so today i took it further from my house ...over to the neighbours  land  down to the ''tee-pee site''.  They actually have 'a tee-pee' that they put up in the summer.....anyway i let the little bird out and off he hopped into the bushes undergrowth. here is  pic of him/her  i 'm not sure what sex but it is a blackbird.  I hope it survives.
This pic is when I saved him and he kept filling up with air when he breathed as i think the cat damaged him somehow but it healed up and he came right. Sorry it looks a bit yucky .
little bird
the 'tee-pee' site

grown up 
off hops my little bird....bye bye birdie!

man in his boat

a clay sculpture from our friend who has since died

a cute heart rock

one of the paths

a pretty bromeliard

bodie there old dog about 11 yrs

more broms

These are some bromeliads in there garden. on my walk.
Hope all mums have a good day.

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  1. You did so well to nurse him back to health, I hope he comes back for a visit every now & then.