Sunday, May 20, 2012

my granny-rose cushion

Well this week I had hoped to finish my granny rose cushion for my mum for mothers day but didn't quite get it done...never mind it will be in the post to her this week. I just have to sew 3 buttons on it . I told her it would be a little late. I put a little picot edge all around to finish it off.  and have just done the back plain. (like a big granny square) .
I must try and do some on chey's quilt this week. I am thinking of trying to make a poncho for my next crochet project, i'll keep you posted.
the back of the cushion
the back and front
finished cushion
picot edge of the granny rose cushion


  1. Your cushion is just beautiful! - Jen

  2. It's gorgeous, I bet she loves it!

  3. That is a darling cushion. She's going to treasure it. What a nice daughter you are.