Monday, July 25, 2011

"I've been crocheting".

Well just lately I have been doing a bit of  crochet. I have made a few of these pot holders. The centre is the African flower hexagon and rounds have then been added to however big you want to make it, then i made a back  to it  so it is a decent thickness . One is a table mat as it has no loop hanger.  They are quite easy to make too. The pattern is on alice's blog She has some really neat ideas on there and worth browsing. Thanks Alice.

I made fudge!  Chocolate fudge, yummy ! yummy!

So far my yo-yo- count is at 102 ! Only about 900 to go  lol !  I make about 15-20 in the evening while watching the box and they go quite quickly too. That is 1 weeks work so far. I'm not sure how big i want this yo-yo quilt , not too big .  There is 102 yo-yo's in this folder, I will have to transfer them to a shoe box when i go home as I am at my mum's place for  a week as it is still the school holidays...only a week to go....
I will do a nother count up by next time i do a blog write up. And maybe a pic of the yo-yo's too.

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  1. Your potholders are lovely! And your fudge looks yummy too! I made some peanut butter fudge last week but it didn't last long! LOL