Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I bought a couple of bargins"

On friday i went to spotlight for a browse as i had no teenagers with me to winge and moan about how long i was taking to look at stuff.  I found these items in the bargin bins piled up .  This was a spool or thread stand for emboidering on the machine to hold your spools  when using a few colours at one time.   was   $59.00...i got it for   $2.00  !!!  I just had to take it home lol !  Then i dug a bit deeper  and found this... A mat to put on the floor to help stop the machine pedal from walking across the floor when you sew....only  $1.00  !!  was worth                    $ 16.00 I got 3 of those. Some to take to work and 1 for at home.  And then i found a hard mat to place under the overlocker and you attach the bag to collect all the trimming as you overlock  instead of them falling over the floor...only  $ 5.00..was $ 21.00   . I only spent $10.00 altogether .

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