Saturday, August 18, 2012

"At last some of these".

Well I been looking everyday when I go to the chook house to feed my 'girls' to see if they have started to lay us some eggs.......and they have, yay !  been hanging out for some decent eggs and especially fresh ones.  There was  just 1 the first day then none the next but on friday it was dark when i got home so they didn't get feed but there was 3 nice brown eggs sitting  in there box for me.  It is warming up now and winter is nearly gone so they will be busy little girls now.  I only have 4 layers  left and 1 old thing that is just living out it's days.  I am on the look out for a couple of new 'girls' to join them.  This year I might try and keep count of how many they lay seeing as there is only four left. I'm off to eat these for breaky now.
Fresh eggs.
The first four eggs.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your eggs. I always feel silly buying both eggs and chook food at the supermarket, but thankfully my girls are laying again now, and didn't have to buy too many eggs this year.

  2. enjoy your eggs.........have you just boiled these is that why they are wet?........

  3. Oh yummy, that is what I miss the most living in the town now fresh farm eggs. Grocery eggs have no flavour!!!! Enjoy. Cheers Glenda