Sunday, May 06, 2012

"I've been making these flowers."

I have been making these crochet flowers .  I saw them  here and thought they were really neat so tried them out. The pattern is quite simple to do.  It is called 'lily pad hexagon'. I am going to make them into a bag too  I think. So far I have only finished them but need to sew them together and line it with fabric. When I have done some more I will post some pics of my progress. Love making these!  They grow quite quickly too, which is good. you only need 13 for a bag.
the yellow centres and first row of bobbles 


I have also been making these lovely crocheted ' Granny  roses'. you can find the pattern on astri blog.  She has a great blog and a 'you tube' video of how to make them. thanks astri.   I think they are really pretty too  and look great when stitched together into something.  I am making these into a cushion for my mum for mothers day. It will go on her bed as these are  the colours she has in her room...hope she likes it. I will post a pic when all finished which i hope will be on time!!....
some of these i tried a darker green around but think it is too dark ...just the wrong green for the I am going with the lighter  green  ..although i do like the dark green the more i look at it...???  What do you think??

I have been sewing my fat quarter quilt for chey also i have nearly joined the top up but have not taken any pics yet but will.
well I must go now and do some more on it or I will never get it finished.!

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