Sunday, March 18, 2012

block 12- the last one

 I have finished my last blocks in the fqsqal . Now to get it finished !  I always find other things to distract me from the main this cute little pincushion only took me about an hour to play around with it...but it's finished! rather easy and you can go to this tutorial it's easy.  I think I will do a couple more .

On saturday I took myself off to the local quilt show. "Quilts across the ranges". The western quilters circle have there annual show at this time of year....Yes, I remembered to take my camera along and took 3 pics and then....beep beep beep ...oh no, flat battrys! " I really hate it when that happens".  When I got home to download pics I realized it wasn't flat battrys but a full memory card!  ...Should have put my glassess on!!  So if you would like to veiw some of the quilts that the guild have on display please go to their blog over here.  There are some really lovely quilts and wall hangings to see..  I liked these 2

a beautiful quilt as you walk into the room
a bargello quilt
block 12-my block
block 12-chey's quilt
close up of the pretty button
the back view
my cathedral pincushion finished!

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  1. I've wanted to make a catherdral pincushion for ages but never have - thanks for the link to the tutorial. Just went and had a look at the quilts - lovely.