Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday I made this yougurt cheese. so easy and very tasty too! I found the recipe here She also makes some other very interesting recipes for soap, flowing soap . lots of very interesting yummy food! go and check out her blog. Here is my yogurt cheeses. I divided it in half after I made it . Flavoured one with half pkt mushroom soup mix , a squirt of tomatoe sauce , add a small can of shrimps, leave for half an hour or so for flavours to mingle then eat. so yummy!! The other i added some cumin , salt to taste ,black pepper. herbs of your choice. I use to make yogurt from scratch all the time, must get back into it . It is so easy!! worth the effort.

Un fortunaely there is something wrong with the camera as it keeps going 'pink' . I don't know why. Does anyone know what would cause this?? help!!

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