Saturday, October 24, 2009


well I haven't blogged for a few weeks because i 'v not done much really. I have nearly finished my bunnyhill b.o.m. and will show you when it is completed, hopefully this weekend. I had to make a baby clutch ball for a lady who wanted a blue one for her grandson. I had this one already done but might do another in blue tones then she can have a pick which one she prefers. I also like to do these bunny's by hand on baby clothes or whatever people like. My mum showed me that this is how she was shown how to make some cute wee bunnies. They are quite cute! They brighten up a plain item of clothing don't you think!

another view of the ball.


  1. Susan, I love your little bunnies on the bibs etc. Beautiful embroidery. What a great grip ball for littlies.
    I always embroider bumble bees on bibs etc.

  2. I want to make one of these clutch balls for my little grandson from England who'll be with us for Christmas! I had asked Ali Honey [] to put up a tutorial, after I saw it on her blog. She did. So now I just have to get busy! I wonder if you know her? She lives in New Zealand!