Friday, August 07, 2009


The other day this lovely lady came into my workplace wanting to know what to do with a container of old buttons. I told her I could find a use for them if she didn't want them so here they are. She 's probably saved them up as you do , from old clothes and the like. there are few that look old. There are some wooden buttons, some pearly ones , and somethings that look like cufflink thingys. There is a lovely one with a picture of a wee squirel in it. so cute! but only 1!! some toggles that would fasten some bags maybe, future projects. . . . . . . .


  1. Anonymous9.8.09

    Ooh treasure chest.... what a bunch of lovelies to run your fingers through :-)

  2. thanks.i am going to buy a large glass jar or vase of some discription to view them rather than a boring old plastic container.

  3. Those buttons remind me of a large button tin my mother used to keep.
    first time visitor. A Kiwi living in Brisbane but lived in Titirangi until 2 years ago so look forward to following your blog.