Friday, July 31, 2009


This is how I put my nine-patch blocks together. I was in the quilt along with crazymom quilts. we were supposed to do one block a day till we had made 70 blocks. most were put together with the white muslin sashings but i thought i would try something different so i used black snowball squares and black borders. It has turned out ok. My son likes it but it is going to be a throw for the couch. It might end up in his room at some stage though, probably till the next project comes along. I still have a few 9-patch blocks left over so I might make a lap quilt and try thr white sashings. Or maybe a couple of large cushions to lounge around on, we'll see. Now I just have to quilt it! This part will take me a while as I don't have one of those quilting machines . I could give hand quilting a try i suppose. . . . .


  1. This looks great with the black snowball blocks. I can see why your son likes it. Do you have a walking foot for your machine? I know it can be a bit of a struggle to get through the machine but it will be worth it :-)

  2. That is a fun one! I love nine-patch.