Saturday, May 30, 2009


This weekend is a long weekend. Queens birthday . I've been trying to learn how to do hand quilting. I found a book in the local library with some very good pictures . It is a bit tricky learning how to do it but i think im getting there very s l o w l y. . . . I will persevere. I am waiting to hear from the quilt shop when a class is going to be running. so that should help alot. I think it is so much easier to see someone doing it. So this weekend my son conor has two mates staying over, they have been playing his electric guitar and driving me mad !! It is raining outside and they are in the house, being silly as 'tweenys 'are .( 12-13 yr olds) all they seem to do is eat.. eat.. and eat again!! This was taken awile ago as he now has "mullet" growing halfway down his back! He has bad hair days! (ha! ha!)

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