Wednesday, October 10, 2018

my Insainity quilt top

Well I have not been here for rather a long time..but thought i would show a pic of my 'finished IQ top...I finished this quite a while ago but am still undecided as how to quilt it..I've been too distracted with other things...crochet and la passacaglia quilt...another hand pieced quilt..epp...

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

My Insainity quilt progress.

  I've been busy still joining up the IQ (insanity quilt )...It's about all I've been working on really at the moment ...Well I've finally got the centre completed !...158 scrappy diamonds done and cream pathways connected too!..Now I'm working on the green borders between the flower borders...I think I need about 142 more green hexys cut before I sew them.I've stitched a quarter of them on to see how they.look....I like it .I've joined up green border stripes of hexys and then I will sew them to the flower borders then sew them to the next quarter of the quilt...Sorry if the pics are out of order but you get the general idea...Back to sewing...

Monday, December 01, 2014

my insanity quilt progress.

I have started to join some of the flower border across the top now .and a little down the side .It's slow going but still enjoying the process . I've made heaps more of the diamonds but still a few to make yet. I do the different borders when I feel abit bored with a section to keep me motivated too. I mainly do abit  most nights in front of tv. The IQ page on Facebook helps  keep me me motivated .so many lovely the making and they are all so different. I'm detetmined to finish this one !...I'm hoping to have the top done next year....sometime ....I'll just keep sewing.!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


So far I have made these flowers for the border of the IQ making  them still .I've joined up a little bit of the cream pathways...still heaps of glue basting of hexies to do yet!....I've cut heaps waiting to be glued.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Progress on IQ.

Well so far I have been going great !...really enjoying making these cute hexies ...This is the Insanity Quilt by Rhode Pearse ...she has just released the pattern forsale in her shop as the magazine is out of print now (2008)...I done about 42 diamonds so far I need to find some cream mix fabrics for the borders so I can start joining them up ...I need to do 158 diamonds and 64 flowers ....don't know how long this will take but a fair while I imagine ...I love a challenge ....I'm still doing Esther aliu's 'love entwined ' applique quilt too !...

Friday, July 11, 2014

A new gadget

I found this lovely very useful gadget in spotlight a few weeks ago....on sale too! I bought it..and a couple of black 'pilot frixion pens' too..Now I've started a new project ....the insanity quilt by  Rhonda pearse's all 1/2" hexys ..should keep me out of trouble for a  while !

Friday, June 27, 2014

LE progress

My ist vase almost finished ...just needs some stitched stamins on flowers ....

I've Been knitting .

Well it's been awhile since a post...I've been doing a little knitting.  I made this twisted neck scarf in a weekend ...size 10mm needles knits up really quick...I got the wool at spotlight in there sale for half price .love the colours in this one .its really light and warm to wear too.
I have done little on  my LE quilt vase done ...3 to do ..